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Asociatia “Alături de noi, pentru viitorul tău” - Romania

Istituto Istruzione Secondaria "Luigi De' Medici“, Italy
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Kaleidoscope Enterprise Ltd, UK


The aim of the project is to explore the educational experience of young mothers of school age and to identify what factors, and forms of provision, determine both academic and broader success in returning to or continuing with education

Summary of the project

The aim of the project is to explore the educational experience of young mothers of school age and to identify what factors, and forms of provision, determine both academic and broader success in returning to or continuing with education.
Establishing procedures for the referral of school age mothers to the school and other education providers and monitoring of progress will be the main objective.
The project consists of project meetings where all the terms, deadlines, and responsibilities will be established and the final products worked on. Partnerships will be made at the local level, with NGOs, schools, County School Inspectorate and other institutions from the local community, questionnaires will be applied in schools to have some statistics of how many girls return to school after pregnancy, how much their rights are respected, what their needs are and what can be done to improve their situation. Classes of health and sex education will be held in schools about how to prevent such situations to happen again. Campaigns of informing teenagers of the unprotected sex risks will be made by spreading flyers in the streets and in schools, by organizing round tables and conferences at an international and local level with guests as psychologists, doctors, NGOs leaders, students, individual case studies discussed over with statistics of the progress made at school by the young mothers, brochures spread in schools, a website created at the partnership level, a blog, also where different problems concerning the risks, the opportunities offered by education returning and case studies with data collection, contact details of the NGOs will be uploaded. Two newsletters will be made with the results from the two years of project and an educational movie created by all partners.

- To understand the previous educational experience of young mothers
- To highlight how education might be improved to prevent disengagement either prior to pregnancy or because of it
- To identify how childcare considerations impact upon continuation or re-engagement in education
- To highlight how education can best encourage young mothers to continue into post-16 education and training
- To help prevent early pregnancy in women by informing programmes
- To identify the causes which led to their early pregnancy and school leaving
- To raise awareness in individual schools of their obligations towards pregnant young women and young mothers.
- To overcome barriers to reintegration into mainstream and alternative provision and post-16 options.
- To change mothers’ perceptions of education, in many cases successfully capitalizing on renewed motivation to succeed for the sake of the child
Approaches taken to achieve these objectives will be at the following levels:
• individual (e.g. knowledge, self-esteem);
• family (e.g. parent/child communication, family structure, history of mother or sister being pregnant as a teenager, children in care);
• education (e.g. provision of sex education, truancy, lack of qualifications);
• community (e.g. social norms related to sexual activity, peer and media influences); and
• social (e.g. experience of childhood poverty and social conditions).
All these factors contribute in one way or another to finding the cause of the problems and working to solutions. Local partenerships will be made, round tables of discussion and conferences organised, special classes and certified courses on the problem of early pregnancy will be taken by specialists and class teachers, flyers and brochures will serve as materials for helping these girls, together with the website, where all kind of information is provided. The idea of community mentors will be introduced by the English partner and certified courses will be organised by the Polish one.

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